COVID-19 Surge Across Southern And Western US

As coronavirus infections surge across the southern and western parts of the United States, the daily uptick in new cases and deaths continued for the fourth consecutive day.

With 742 new deaths reporting in the last 24 hours, the total death toll in the country rose to 117,728, as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest update on Thursday.

With 23624 cases reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases in the country increased to 2164071.

The daily count of infections hit a new high in the two most populous states of California (3,455) and Texas (3,129).

With 2610 new infections, Florida recorded its second-highest daily increase.

USA Today reported that 22 states reported a higher number of new coronavirus cases after lockdown restrictions were lifted partially.

Despite the alarming situation in several states, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the United States will not shut down again.

“We won’t be closing the country again,” Trump said in an interview to Fox News.

He is set to address a campaign rally this weekend in Tulsa, which reported its highest number of new coronavirus cases on Wednesday.

In a news of hope, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed that New York, the worst-hit U.S. state, reached the lowest percentage of positive COVID-19 tests since the pandemic began.

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state dropped to 1,479, the lowest level since March 20, and the daily coronavirus death toll fell to 17, the lowest number since the outbreak began, he said at a news conference.

The total number of COVID deaths in New York rose to 30939 and infections increased to 385142, as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest update on Thursday.

New Jersey (12835 deaths, 167703 infections), Michigan (6036 deaths, 66497 infections), Massachusetts (7733 deaths, 106151 infections), Louisiana (3062 deaths, 48634 infections), Illinois (6485 deaths, 134185 infections), Pennsylvania (6319 deaths, 84289 infections), California (5282 deaths, 163446 infections), Connecticut (4219 deaths, 45429 infections), Texas (2089 deaths, 97699 infections), Georgia (2575 deaths, 60030 infections), Virginia (1583 deaths, 55775 infections), Maryland (2996 deaths, 62969 infections), Florida (3018 deaths, 82719 infections), Indiana (2475 deaths, 41013 infections), Ohio (2611 deaths, 42422 infections), Colorado (1631 deaths, 29656 infections), Minnesota (1357 deaths, 31296 infections), Arizona (1249 deaths, 40937 infections)and Washington (1226 deaths, 26784 infections) are the other worst-affected U.S. states.

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