Riot probe vote, Biden’s budget proposal, holiday weekend movies: 5 things to know Friday

GOP senators poised to block Capitol riot probe

Even as the mother of late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick pushes for a panel to study the Capitol insurrection, Senate Republicans are expected to block it at some point Friday when they return to the floor after a debate on an unrelated bill to boost scientific research and development extended into the early hours Friday. “Putting politics aside, wouldn’t they want to know the truth of what happened on January 6?” Gladys Sicknick asked. “If not, they do not deserve to have the jobs they were elected to do.” She has met with several Republican senators, including Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who said they respectfully disagreed, but that he would try to get her answers for her. GOP lawmakers have said that creating a commission would put them at a disadvantage in the 2022 election. They’re set to stage the first successful Senate filibuster under the Biden administration.  

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  • Chances of 9/11-style panel for Capitol riotfade amid GOP skepticism
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The mother and girlfriend of the late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick are meeting with at least six Republican senators to try to persuade them not to block a commission on the Jan. 6 insurrection. (May 27)

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Biden’s budget proposal expected to increase the federal debt

After weeks of touting the benefits of President Joe Biden’s proposed spending increases, the White House will lay out on Friday the effects of his first budget plan on federal debt. The proposal will present an overall fiscal picture, including spending on major programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that were not included in his April preview. The plan is already giving fodder for critics after the New York Times reported Thursday that, by 2024, debt would be larger as a share of the economy than it was during World War II. The campaign arm for House Republicans called Biden’s reported $6 trillion budget plan “insane.” Progressives have defended Biden’s plan. Some argue there’s no reason to believe that the faster debt growth under Biden’s proposal would hurt the economy and the spending boosts are needed to grow jobs and middle class incomes.

  • GOP senators pitch new $928 billion infrastructure plan in latest offer to Biden
  • Biden pushes U.S. electric vehicle revolution:It’s a sticking point in GOP infrastructure talks
  • Roads, bridges … and caregivers?Why Biden is pushing a ‘radical shift’ to redefine infrastructure

President Joe Biden released a $1.5 trillion wish list for his first federal budget, asking for substantial gains for Democratic priorities. Biden says priorities include funding a health research agency and combatting the ongoing opioid crisis. (April 9)

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3 Washington officers charged in death of Black man to appear in court

The Washington state attorney general on Thursday charged two Tacoma police officers with murder and another with manslaughter in the death of Manuel Ellis, a Black man who died after repeatedly telling them he couldn’t breathe as he was being restrained. Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed charges of second-degree murder against Christopher Burbank and Matthew Collins, and first-degree manslaughter against Timothy Rankine. The three were in custody Thursday evening, Ferguson’s office said, with their arraignments set for Friday. Ellis, 33, died on March 3, 2020, in handcuffs from lack of oxygen caused by being restrained. The Pierce County medical examiner called his death a homicide. His final words — “I can’t breathe, sir!” — were captured by a home security camera.

  • Chicago revises foot chase policy: Move comes after fatal police shootings of Adam Toledo, Anthony Alvarez
  • ‘Please don’t kill me’:After George Floyd, other families demand justice after police killings

Parents and siblings of Black men killed by police urged people to join them in pursuing legal changes they say can make more deaths less likely in the future. (May 24)

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Oprah, Prince Harry host follow-up town hall to mental health series

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry are continuing their mental health series with a virtual town hall called “The Me You Can’t See: A Path Forward” featuring Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close and other participants that will be released Friday on Apple TV+. The town hall, which will be available for free, arrives a week after the mental health series co-created by Winfrey and the Duke of Sussex, “The Me You Can’t See,” was released on the streaming platform. Winfrey and Prince Harry serve as executive producers of the five-part series and have conversations about their own emotional experiences throughout the episodes. The series also features news-magazine style pieces that profile celebrities and athletes like Lady Gaga, who opened up about being raped at 19, Close, professional basketball player DeMar DeRozan and the son of the late comic Robin Williams, mental health advocate Zak Williams.

  • Prince Harry’s troubles:The royal said he turned alcohol and drugs to cope with a ‘nightmare’ time in his life
  • Winfrey on ‘The Me You Can’t See’:Oprah talks about being molested as a child, breaks down in tears
  • We’ve somehow survived 10 years without ‘Oprah’:What the TV icon has said about her show

In his new series for Apple TV+, "The Me You Can't See," Harry, The Duke of Sussex, admits he used to feel overwhelmed with anxiety about flying into London after traveling. It was a place where he felt trapped and hunted by cameras. Harry admits those old feelings resurfaced when he flew back in April for the funeral of his grandfather, Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, after more than a year away. He was able to cope using skills learned in therapy. (May 20)

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Memorial Day weekend movies: ‘Cruella,’ ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ lead the way

As the vast majority of cinemas are back up and running, film fans and fanatics will have a holiday weekend full of new movies both at home AND in movie theaters to choose from! Two high-profile films premiering Friday include “Cruella,” starring Emma Stone, and “A Quiet Place Part II,” which stars Emily Blunt and is directed by her husband John Krasinski. “Cruella” (out in theaters and available on Disney+ with Premier Access) is a coming-of-age crime comedy set in 1970s punk London that sees Stone as a young British fashion designer who wants to take down her cruel, icy idol/boss (Emma Thompson). Eventually, she becomes Cruella, one of Disney’s all-time queens of mean. ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ (out in theaters) expands the post-apocalyptic world from the 2018 original where blind alien creatures with great hearing hunt down anything that makes noise and a family (Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) tries to stay alive. 

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Emma Stone and Emma Thompson chat with USA TODAY's Brian Truitt about their many, many looks in the newest Disney film, "Cruella."


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