US Preparing For The Hardest Week Ahead

President Donald Trump and the United States’ chief surgeon have warned that the country is bracing for the hardest week ahead as some parts of it are already nearing their peak in the number of coronavirus infections.

“In the days ahead, America will endure the peak of this pandemic,” Trump said at his routine coronavirus briefing at the White House on Sunday.

Citing a drop in the number of new COVID-19 infections and deaths in New York, the worst-affected U.S. state, Trump said it is a “good sign”, but warned of more deaths.

“This will probably be the hardest week, between this week and the next, and there will be a lot of death,” he told reporters.

The COVID-19 death toll in the United States is nearing 10,000. 336,851 others have tested positive for the deadly virus.

Speaking after Trump, Dr. Deborah Leah Birx, who is the coronavirus response coordinator in the White House, expressed hope that over the next weeks one can see a stabilization of cases in these metropolitan areas where the outbreak began several weeks ago.

Dr. Birx named Detroit, New York and Louisiana as “the places that are the most difficult hit right now.”

“So by the predictions that are in that, they’re predicting in those three hotspots, all of them, hitting together in the next six to seven days”.

He said Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Washington, D.C. are starting to go on the upside of the curve.

He told reporters that the next two weeks are extraordinarily important. “This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store, not be going to the pharmacy, but doing everything you can to keep your family and your friends safe. And that means everybody doing the six-feet distancing, washing your hands”.

Trump said the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which is touted as effective in the treatment of the coronavirus, has shown some “very strong, powerful signs” of its potential.
said in an interview that this week is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives.

“This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized,” Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams told Fox News Sunday.

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