Indians have to wait for decades for Green Card

This employment-based backlog is projected to double by fiscal 2030. The back log exists because the number of foreign workers whom US employers sponsor for Green Cards each year exceeds the annual statutory Green Card allocation. In addition to this numerical limit, a statutory seven per cent per-country ceiling prevents […]

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Hammerson shop rent takings down two thirds

Hammerson, one of Britain’s biggest shopping centre owners, was paid only about a third of the quarterly rent it was due last week as cash-strapped retailers struggled to survive the coronavirus crisis. Lockdown to spell disaster for thousands of pubs, restaurants and shops The company, which owns the Bullring in […]

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Coronavirus forces economics profession to leave comfort zone

With the coronavirus devastating one economy after another, the economics profession – and thus the analytical underpinnings for sound policymaking and crisis management – is having to play catchup. Of particular concern are the economics of viral contagion, of fear and of “circuit breakers”. The more that economic thinking advances […]

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