A Wall Street expert sees a retail-investing trend that preceded the dot-com bubble and financial crisis bubbling up again — and warns it will end 'abruptly and painfully' for the stock market

Stock prices have become merely numbers for many new traders who ignore the fundamentals embedded in company valuations, according to Peter Tchir, the head of macro strategy at Academy Securities. He says this disregard for fundamentals is being driven by greed and was evident before the 2000 and 2008 market […]

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16 top tech leaders who came to the US from around the world explain their forceful opposition to Trump's freeze on immigrant work visas: 'It's only going to make America less competitive'

President Trump's decision to suspend key immigrant work visas has been severely criticized by many in the US tech industry, which has long relied on foreign talent. Venture capitalists, founders, and CEOs who are immigrants themselves shared their frustrations with the Trump order with Business Insider. One of them, Togo-born […]

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