A Look Back at the Long List of Kennedy Family Tragedies

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., 1944

Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean and her young son, Gideon, went missing, according to her husband, after a canoeing accident in Chesapeake Bay on April 2, 2020.

David McKean told The Washington Post that Maeve and Gideon had “popped into a canoe” to go and retrieve a ball that had landed into the water while their family was visiting at her mom’s waterfront property in Shady Side, Maryland.

Maryland authorities confirmed in a statement that a 40-year-old woman and an 8-year-old boy went missing Thursday afternoon from that same location after they ” appeared to be overtaken by the strong winds” while canoeing.

“They just got farther out then they could handle, and couldn’t get back in,” David told the Post.

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