Aldi & Lidl shoppers reveal savvy savings to be made with simple swaps

The coronavirus crisis has meant many Britons are looking to cut extra costs and live in a more efficient way. Savvy shoppers have discussed the ways in which they are able to make extra savings whilst food shopping every week, and the advice can be used across the country.


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In a Reddit thread posted three years ago, several Britons discussed the strategic swaps they made to save extra money. 

And according to many, changing the supermarket you shop at could be an efficient way of shaving off your shopping bill each week.

Reddit user ‘TNGSystems’ started the thread by saying they were giving up shopping at Sainsbury’s and Tesco, and instead moving towards Aldi and Lidl.

The user said their “eyes had been opened” and that they would never switch back.

They wrote: “This weekend, for the first time ever I did a proper shop at the new Lidl store that is next door to Sainsbury’s. 

“When I reached checkout, I kicked myself for not shopping here sooner. Not only is it cheaper, but the food seems better quality. 

“Where I can buy a bulb of garlic for 35p in Sainsbury’s, I can buy a pack of four larger bulbs for 89p in Lidl. Potatoes, onions, lettuce. It’s all there. Meat is phenomenally priced and all locally sourced.

“Now I can foresee myself saving money constantly. I was very skeptical at first. I didn’t like the layout when I stuck my nose in the other month when it opened. But now I’m glad I did.”

And another, more seasoned Lidl shopper provided extra advice for those who may be thinking about swapping where they shop.

They said: “We have always been shopping in Lidl since they first showed up in the UK.

“Avoid the brand names you would get elsewhere. You are missing the point if you are not getting their own product ranges.

“Beer is OK but the spirits are excellent, and there is a nice selection of wine. The amount you save on cleaning products will get you your treats, cheese and especially cold meats are very good.

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“They have a regular section where they have a featured country. Pulling in items that you just can’t get normally. Who knew I would like Swedish food?

“You should be adventurous and expand your meal options, try something new. Try things you would never normally buy.

“The satisfaction of leaving the store with a huge bag of shopping that only cost twenty pounds. This would have cost you forty or fifty pounds elsewhere.”

Another wrote: “I’ve now become a total convert to Aldi. Some more niche stuff still warrants a visit to a bigger supermarket, but the vast majority of common stuff is there and all about 25-50 percent cheaper. Try the ‘selected’ stuff, which is their high end range, not that much pricier!”

And a third said: “Shop at Aldi or Lidl! There are some things you can’t get there, but you should just go elsewhere for them.

“Have done several comparisons, and I found I was saving £5 for every £25 spent at Lidl or Aldi in comparison to the same goods at Sainsbury’s.”

At the start of 2020, Lidl was revealed as the UK’s cheapest supermarket in a study by trade magazine, The Grocer. 

The German discount supermarket proved popular with Britons who are looking for a bargain. 

The Grocer looked at a shopping basket of 33 popular items such as pasta, skimmed milk and baked beans to analyse which came out on top. 

Research revealed Lidl charged the lowest amount for 24 of the 33 items in the basket. However, in other surveys, more popular supermarkets have edged out the competition. 

In some research, discount supermarkets have been excluded altogether due to the fact they do not offer branded items.

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