Army veteran Jeremy Hunt running for Congress in Georgia: 'I refuse to surrender our country'

Jeremy Hunt running for Congress: ‘This campaign is about preserving the American dream’

West Point grad and former Army captain Jeremy Hunt announces run for Congress, says ‘families are paying the price to live in Joe Biden’s America.’

West Point graduate and former Army officer Jeremy Hunt announces Thursday on “Fox & Friends” his run for Congress in Georgia’s second congressional district. Hunt highlighted the economic struggles, and his desire to preserve the American dream.


JEREMY HUNT: I’m so excited to announce here on Fox that I’m running for Congress back in my home state of Georgia. This campaign really is about preserving the American dream for my daughter and families like ours around the state. This is really important to us. Inflation is at the highest rate in 40 years, the grocery store shelves are empty. Gas prices are ridiculous. I just had to pump gas just getting here this morning. I mean, it’s insane the prices that we’re paying. And so our families are basically paying the price to live in Joe Biden’s America. And this is the problem. So I’m running to give our community a voice and I’m really excited. For me, this country, I’ve talked about this on Fox 20 times before, this country is giving me a lot of opportunities, and so I do not want to see. I refuse to surrender our country to people who do not treasure what we have here. 


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