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EMOJIS are great for making our messages more meaningful and engaging – in a way that words can't always do on their own.

But what exactly does the blue heart emoji mean, and what's it used for? Here's all you need to know.

What does the blue heart emoji mean?

Wondering what emoji to use, but worried you might be suggesting something you didn't intend to?

You're not alone, but thankfully it's pretty easy to find out how they're being used online before you post.

Heart emojis come in variety of colours and may have meanings you're not aware of.

The blue heart can symbolise trust, harmony, peace and loyalty.

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It could also represent a platonic connection, where as the red emoji is more associated with romance.

When should you use the blue heart emoji?

Social media and its symbols, memes and trends are pretty hard to keep track of at the best of times, and if you feel a bit confused by it all from time to time, you're not alone.

Some emojis have such unexpected double-meanings and it's natural to want to check when and how it's appropriate to use one.

The simple answer is: you can use the blue heart emoji whenever you want.

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Some people have use it to pay tribute to medical workers, with Twitter users including the symbol in their profile names to show their support for NHS staff.

What other heart emojis are there?

New emojis are released every year, and there are now thousands of options for you to choose from.

But what other heart emojis are there, and what do they mean?

  • White heart
  • Red heart
  • Black heart
  • Yellow heart
  • Green heart
  • Purple heart
  • Sparkle heart
  • Beating heart
  • Growing heart
  • Broken heart
  • Orange heart
  • Exclamation mark heart
  • Heart with arrow
  • Two hearts
  • Heart with a bow
  • Bandaged heart

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