BMW and Audi among most UNRELIABLE used cars in Britain – but the motor topping the list may surprise you | The Sun

BMW and Audi have been named as some of the most unreliable used cars in Britain – but the motor that tops the list is very surprising.

Used car experts Warrantywise have revealed the top ten least dependable motors, scoring them out of 100.

And shockingly the Range Rover has come in first – with a measly 20.2 out of 100.

They used their extended warranty data to curate the list – which takes into consideration the frequency of repairs and repair costs.

For the Range Rover, the highest repair cost recorded in 2021 to 2022 was a whopping £23,890.

Coming in second is the BMW3 with a score of 21.4 – and a highest repair cost of £12,115.

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Land Rover once again took the third spot with their Range Rover Sport, with an average score of 23.4.

Meanwhile the Porsche Panamera is fourth on the list, with a highest repair cost of £10,785.


  1. Land Rover Range Rover Highest repair cost – £23,890 Score – 20.2
  2. BMW M3 Highest repair cost – £12,115 Score – 21.4
  3. Land Rover Range Rover Sport Highest repair cost – £22,358 Score – 23.1
  4. Porsche Panamera Highest repair cost – £10,785 Score – 23.4
  5. BMW X6 Highest repair cost – £9,613 Score – 23.6
  6. Porsche Cayenne Highest repair cost – £6,360 Score – 24.9
  7. Audi Q7 Highest repair cost – £8,719 Score – 25.7
  8. Bentley Continental GT Highest repair cost – £6,227 Score – 29.1
  9. Mazda CX-5 Highest repair cost – £5,777 Score – 29.6
  10. BMW M5 Highest repair cost – £10,129 Score – 30.8

Lawrence Whittaker, boss of Warrantywise, told Mail Online: “The Reliability Index is extremely revealing of how luxury cars, which may seem like they would be reliable because of the costly price tags, aren't always so.

“The opinion that they should be very reliable, for the price that customers pay for them, is quite a popular one, and this evaluation of our data is helpful for us to guide customers the right way when wanting to make a large purchase on a luxury car, like a Porsche.

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“Our sole purpose here at Warrantywise is to ensure that no matter what car you buy, it's covered and taken care of.

“Since the rise in parts cost and labour since last year, and continued pressures on the rising cost of living, it's even more important to protect your investment and learn about which cars to buy used, too.

“Through the Reliability Index, we are able to steer customers the right way when it comes to investing in a car. However, no matter what car it is – and how reliable it is – we can support it.”

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