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THE more people that use ChatGPT, the more tech fans are being met with an annoying 'network error' pop up.

It seems to be becoming more common, but there's an easy explanation – and luckily, an even easier fix.

Why do I keep getting network error on ChatGPT?

The network error pop up that many ChatGPT are met with is a result of three things.

Either there are issues with the server or there is high traffic.

Or, it is a result of the AI bot giving a long answer to a question.

If the AI bot has to pause mid-way through its answer or explanation, it can cause the machine to get confused.


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And with so many people using it for lengthy pieces of code and even essays, the rate at which it falls into a network error is increasing.

How to fix Chat GPT Network error

  • Limit the output from ChatGPT by giving it simpler questions, breaking your question into smaller parts or give it a character limit for the answer.
  • Using a VPN can help you evade the queue, if your area is experiencing high levels of traffic, by hiding your IP address.
  • Check for internet issues, because having an unstable connection on your end can cause a network error.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Simply try the whole thing again. Waiting for the traffic to die down or server issues to be fixed can often do the trick – with very little effort on your part.

Users can check websites such as DownDetector to see whether they're not alone in having network troubles with ChatGPT.

Tech fans just need to type in 'OpenAI' into DownDetector to see if there are more reports, and whether the issue is on ChatGPT's side of things.

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If the number of reported issues spikes in the outages graph, it's likely a backend problem.

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