Child Benefit: How to claim, payment dates and how much you will receive

Child Benefit eligibility is dependent on whether someone is responsible for a child under the age of 16, or under 20 if the child remains in approved education or training. The benefit can prove an important payment for the sustenance of the welfare of children, and often gives valuable financial assistance in everyday living costs. Child Benefit is issued by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) every four weeks, and there is no limit on how many children a person can claim the benefit for. 


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The sum is split into two tiers which affect different children.

The first tier is for the only or eldest child, who is entitled to £21.05 in Child Benefit.

Second tier benefits are available for any subsequent children, with parents and guardians entitled to £13.95 per child.

When adding up benefits across the year, a two child family could therefore receive over £1,800 in tax-free benefits to assist in income. 

Child Benefit was recently increased by the Conservative government in a move to undo the four year benefit freeze in the UK.

This means the benefit amount has increased by 1.7 percent at the start of the new tax year on April 6, 2020. 

However, not all parents and guardians are entitled to receive the sum from the government, and it is important to note where the cut off lies.

Those who earn over £50,000 will be taxed on the benefit under a system known as High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge.

This is done so that those who truly need the payment can stand to benefit.

Britons earning above this amount have the ability to opt out of receiving the benefit, or can continue to claim while paying any tax charges.

However, those who earn above £60,000 are likely to lose all of their benefit entitlements. 

Progressive taxation applied to earners over £60,000, means the Child Benefit sum is taxed at 100 percent. 

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But for parents and guardians who may choose to opt out of receiving Child Benefit, it is still important to fill in the application form.

This is because those who look after children, despite choosing not to receive the benefit, will still be entitled to receive State Pension contributions through the form.

The Child Benefit form is known as CH2 and is made available to all those who believe they are eligible on the government’s website. 

And during the coronavirus crisis, parents and guardians should check if they could be entitled to the sum.

If changes in work, such as furlough or unemployment, result in a drop in income below £60,000, some families could become eligible again. 

Only one person is permitted to receive Child Benefit for a child per family. 

The government advises those who are not working to submit the claim, as they will receive National Insurance credits towards their state pension.

All Child Benefit claim applications must be submitted to the Child Benefit Office for approval. 

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