Child Tax Credit payments 2020: How much is Child Tax Credit a week?

You can only make a new claim for Child Tax Credit if you get the severe disability premium or are entitled to it, or, you got or were entitled to it in the last month and are still eligible for it. spoke to Pat Lewis, tax department manager at Intellect Tax – financial experts, specialising in tax and benefits to find out how much you’ll get for a new claim.

How much Child Tax Credit do existing claimants get?

Ms Lewis said: “All new benefit claimants will be offered Universal Credit (which has replaced Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit).

“Existing tax credits claimants will be moved onto Universal Credit when either they report a change in circumstances or their area moves in total onto Universal Credit.

“For current claimants of Child Tax Credits the monthly rate per child is £235.83.”

If you need financial support for your children, you will need to apply for Universal Credit instead.

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How much Universal Credit do I get for having a child?

Your monthly Universal Credit will include a child element if you are responsible for a child, or qualifying young person who lives with you.

For your first child, you will normally receive £281.25, if they were born before April 6, 2017.

You will then get an extra £235.83 for each other child.

If you have three or more children, you will get an extra amount for at least two children.

A child is classified as anyone under the age of 16 or if they are in approved education or training up to the age of 19.

If your children were born after April 6, 2017, you will only be paid benefits for a maximum of two children or if special circumstances apply.

These include:

  • Adopted children
  • Your grandchildren
  • Children formally or informally in your care who would otherwise be looked after by a local authority
  • Multiple birth children
  • Children born of a controlling relationship or as the result of rape

In all the exceptional cases, you will receive additional payments.

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How much will I get for childcare on Universal Credit?

National welfare benefits charity Turn2Us has released advice about coronavirus and the childcare element of Universal Credit.

The site says: “Because of coronavirus, most people are not currently allowed to access childcare.

“Some childcare facilities are asking parents to continue to pay to keep their place. Universal Credit will not help with fees to retain a place.

“The Consumer and Markets Authority has said that providers should not be charging fees for a service they cannot provide.

“If your childcare provider is asking you to pay a fee, you can report them to the Consumer and Markets Authority.”

Normally, you can receive a childcare costs element if you pay for registered childcare when you go to work.

The site explains: “There is no set number of hours you need to work.”

If you are part of a couple, then both of you must be in work unless the non-working partner:
• has limited capability for work or limited capability for work related activity, or
• has regular and substantial caring responsibilities for a severely disabled person, or
• is temporarily absent from your household (for example, they are in prison/hospital/or residential care).

You will get 85 percent of your childcare costs met, up to a maximum of £646.35 per month for one child and £1,108.04 per month for two or more children.

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