Cleaning fan shares best product for cleaning a shower screen after video goes viral

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Social media can be a great way to find clever and unusual cleaning hacks. If you don’t have a variety of cleaning products at home, sometimes social media users can share simple household tricks to clean everything from yellowing grout to streaky glass. Home improvement experts at Insulation Express searched online to find some of the best cleaning hacks.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular hacks for shower screens involved using car cleaner.

Car glass cleaner is stronger and often contains a repellent, to help prevent a build up of water stains.

Rather than using a regular window cleaner, a car glass cleaner can prevent hard water stains that build up every week.

Using a car cleaner on your shower screen every week could be an easier and faster solution.

You can buy a car glass cleaner for as little as £5 from Amazon or Wilko.

The revolutionary shower tip was originally shared on TikTok and received a whopping 205,000 likes.

However, for those that don’t have car glass cleaner lying around the house, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their own methods online.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, often shares her cleaning tips and tricks with her four million Instagram followers.

Now, fans of hers have taken to social media to create their own cleaning and tidying groups.

On one group, a user asked: “Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with hard water?

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“Despite scrubbing the shower screen, I can never get it clean and the limescale builds up so quickly.

“Not to mention the havoc it’s wreaking on my hair – just can’t seem to get it clean!

“Any tips that don’t mean investing in an expensive water softener system?”

The post received over 580 answers and 80 likes as users shared their tips.


Shower Glass Hack. Product linked in my bio #househacks #cleaninghack


Most users recommended using Viakal or using a squeegee on the shower glass after each use.

One user said: “I spray Viakal in the shower two mornings a week and leave it while I’m at work and rinse when I get home. Never builds up.”

Another said: “Clean it with Viakal and then use Method shower shine after every use and it will stay clear.”

Another user replied: “I always have a window wiper for after showers and I clean glass every week with white vinegar with a tiny bit of washing up liquid and water.”

Another replied: “Viakal is brilliant. We own a hotel and I use it on the glass, taps etc. and it removes all limescale. We also live in a very hard water area.”

“Viakal. Get onto habit of squeegee after use. Only takes a mo,” said one user.

Another person commented: “Squeegee and wipe down after every shower helps (if you’re not already doing this). Otherwise Viakal for cleaning. And Kilrock for descaling the shower head.”

However, there were some more unusual responses from cleaning fans.

One user said: “I get this. I dissolve a denture cleaning tablet with water in a spray bottle.

“Spray it loads so it’s dripping and leave it overnight.

“Then scrub in the morning with a brush. Mine comes off this way.”

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