Conservative Pundit’s Hot Take On Coronavirus Lockdown Gets The Slapdown It Deserves

Conservative pundit Dennis Prager made an outlandish statement against the coronavirus lockdown that came back to bite him, drawing considerable mockery and scorn on social media from both sides of the aisle.

PragerU, a website that Prager himself founded, tweeted a quote card Tuesday featuring a quote from the controversial commentator: “The lockdown is the greatest mistake in the history of humanity.”

Critics pounced on the claim by suggesting other historical events (some serious and others for comic effect) that could be more worthy of the title.

Lockdowns and social distancing measures implemented in other countries have been credited with slowing the spread of the virus that has killed almost 60,000 people in the United States alone.

Prager, meanwhile, responded to some of the criticism under the PragerU Twitter thread.

“For those who confuse ‘mistake’ with ‘evil,’ Dennis said over and over that the worldwide lockdown is not an evil,” he wrote, referring to himself in third person and citing an episode from his radio show. “It is a mistake. They are not synonyms.”

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