Easiest method to ‘deter’ rodent from your home -‘they hate the smell’

Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

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Mice enter homes through cracks and holes found in walls, floors and foundations and will be drawn by food in cupboards or crumbs left on the floors. They can be incredibly annoying and will chew through anything from cardboard to plastic so they can cause some damage. To help Britons keep the pests away, Mrs Hinch fans recommended a variety of hacks.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Jade Bryson wrote: “I feel so gross. I found a load of mouse droppings in one of my kitchen cupboards.

“What is the best way to get rid of mice? I’ve got a cat but it clearly isn’t scared of her. I feel dirty even though my house is clean and it’s making me anxious.”

Although rats and mice won’t hurt you, they are known to carry a variety of diseases which can make residents ill if the situation isn’t sorted.

Taking to the comments, Janice Felvus wrote: “Use peppermint oil. Mice don’t like it. Get yourself peppermint oil and mix a few drops with water, spray around skirting, this goes for spiders when they visit too.”

Donna Ryan said: “Fill in any holes and I’ve heard peppermint deters them away. I sprayed peppermint to keep spiders away and I can honestly say I haven’t seen one spider.”

Zena Jones commented: “Put some peppermint oil near the hole, they hate the smell.”

Peppermint oil is assumed to be a great mouse repellent because in high concentrations, it can be very potent.

Combined with a mouse’s sensitive smell, the essential oil is great for keeping the pests away. However, do be careful if you have pets as some essential oils can be toxic.

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Pest control experts at Summit Environmental Solutions explained: “These small creatures cannot stand the strong smell of peppermint oil.

“So they will run away from the place when they will smell peppermint oil. This method will help you to effectively prevent the mice from entering your house as well as making them run away from your home quickly.”

Place the oil in a spray bottle with water to dilute it, spraying any affected areas where the mice might be entering.

Households should reapply this spray every two weeks or so to ensure the rodents stay away for good.

Similarly to peppermint oil, the scent of clove repulses mice. The pest control pros explained: “Mice also cannot bear the strong smell of cloves. They just turn and run away from the place where there is a clove smell.”

Soak the required amount of cotton balls in clove essential oils and place these near where the mice could be entering the home. This will also help to stop the pests entering the home in the first place.

Rats can also be a problem during the winter months, whether nesting in the home or in the garden.

The experts at Checkatrade also recommended using essential oils such as peppermint oil.

They said this scent can be used to “deter rats” from setting up camp in your garden. It can be placed around any item in the garden such as vegetables.

Lemon, citronella and eucalyptus oil can also be used wherever traces of the rodent are spotted.

To prevent mice and rats entering the home in the first place, households should ensure they do not leave any food out on surfaces, or loose in cupboards.

Bird feed is also a favourite for rodents to nibble on. Limit any bird feeders in your garden or storing it in your home, as rats have the capability to climb the feeders.

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