Energy bill refunds: You could reclaim hundreds – follow these steps to do it

Up to £1.7billion can be refunded to UK consumers according to recent findings from This is an increase of 13.5 percent when compared to the previous year and it is a potential gold mine for British customers.


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Some energy providers automatically issue refunds but many don’t, meaning that money can go unclaimed if people don’t take action.

On an individual basis, these refunds can make a real difference to families’ finances.

Linda Dodge, an energy expert from, commented on this state of affairs: “Across the UK, people are owed money by their previous or current energy suppliers.

However, many people are either not aware that they are in credit, or they don’t know how to go about claiming an energy refund from their suppliers.

“Fortunately, Ofgem has rules that should make it relatively easy to claim for the money that you’re owed.”

As it turns out, finding an existing balance and then claiming a refund is easy to do.

Linda went on to list three options that customers have: “If your current energy supplier owes you money, it’s referred to as a ‘live’ account balance. There are several different ways that you can find out if your energy supplier owes you an energy refund:

  • Online – If you pay your energy bills online, simply log in and check your account balance.
  • Paper bills – If you receive paper bills, your latest bill should tell you if you are in credit.
  • Contact customer service – If you can’t find a recent bill, simply get in touch with your energy supplier and it should be able to tell you whether you have overpaid or not.”

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The actual amounts that could be refunded will vary from person to person.

However, Linda points out tht recent research revealed that the average British person who pays for energy using direct debit, will have £108 in credit with their energy provider.

The amounts could obviously be much higher than this with all the extra energy people are using by working from home.

To check on what’s owed, people will need to contact their energy suppliers or look through their recent bills.


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Thankfully, Linda provides guidance on exactly how refunds can be claimed from both current and former providers:

How can I find out if my previous energy supplier owes me an electric refund?

“If your old energy supplier owes you money, it’s referred to as a ‘close’ account balance.

“Aside from looking back at your bills from your previous energy supplier, there is a scheme called My Energy Credit that helps people who have moved or switched suppliers reclaim money that they may be owed, regardless of how much time has passed.

“My Energy Credit’s website provides information about the claims process for all the major suppliers, so it’s a great jumping-off point for anyone who needs to find out whether their previous supplier owes them money.”

How do I get an energy refund from my previous supplier?

“Your previous supplier should have repaid your energy credit after you switched providers. “However, many providers fail to do this, which means that you’ll need to pursue the energy refund yourself.

“To get started, just call up your previous supplier, and it will explain the process to you over the phone.”

How do I get an energy refund from my current supplier?

“Fortunately, the process of getting an energy refund is relatively simple: all you need to do is ask. “Get in touch with your current energy supplier by phone and it should handle the rest of the process.”

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