Energy bills: Half a million to see bills rise next week – do you face £103 price hike?

The UK has spent more than four weeks in lockdown, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the stringent lockdown measures on March 23, 2020. As Britons continue to stay at home in order to try slow the spread of the virus, some may be looking to make their money go further.


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It comes as millions have been hit by the financial impact of the lockdown.

Worryingly, the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown measures have left a third (33 percent) of households struggling on reduced income, according to new research from comparison site GoCompare.

In a bid to make ends meet, some will be looking for ways in which they can make their money go further.

However, almost half a million households could see their energy bills rise by £50million, as 90 fixed deals from 19 suppliers end this month, according to data from

The figures come as some 486,559 households face an average price hike of £103.

The comparison and switching service also said that customers with deals ending at Ovo Energy, npower and British Gas could see increases of £269, £174 and £168 respectively.

Those affected who don’t move to a cheaper deal will tend to be rolled onto their supplier’s defauly, or “Standard Variable” tariff.

These tariffs are among the worst value energy plans on the market, warned.

However, according to the analysis, households could save up to £404 by switching.

Will Owen, energy expert at, said: “The gap between the price cap and the cheapest deal hasn’t been this wide for more than half a year and means there are huge potential savings for thousands of homes.

“The cheapest fixed tariffs are getting cheaper still, with tumbling wholesale costs and suppliers driving down prices to attract new customers.

“But there’s a warning too for the half a million energy customers whose fixed deals are due to end this month.

“Britons could face an average £103 price hike if they let themselves be rolled onto their supplier’s poor value Standard Variable Tariff instead of switching to another cheap plan.

“With household energy usage on the increase during lockdown, no one wants to pay more than they need to.


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“Don’t let yourself slip unwittingly into a price hike. You can compare what energy deals are out there and see if there is a cheaper plan you can move to.”

As millions of Brits adapt to working from home, Worcester Bosch has shared its top tips on how to keep energy bills down in the midst of the uncertain times.

TIP 1: Identify the rooms that you work in – and operate them efficiently

Switching the lights off in rooms that aren’t used can save you £14 a year

Turn radiators completely off in unused rooms

TIP 2: Take control of your heating

Turning down your room thermostat by just one degree could save you £80 over the year

21°C is comfortable when you’re at home during the day, with 17°C the recommended temperature for some good, much-needed sleep. A balance for working from home should be considered.

TIP 3: Be careful in the kitchen

More than a third of the UK wash up by hand at least once a day

Washing up with a bowl instead of running the tap could save you £25 a year

Filling the kettle with only what you need can save you £6 a year.

TIP 4: Stop heat escaping

Pull your furniture away from radiators to maximise your heat distribution.

TIP 5: Shower smart

Showering for one minute less per day could save you £7 per person

TIP 6: Change your homely habits

Use cold water to brush your teeth and shave

Switching appliances off standby could save you £30 per year.

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