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TECH lovers have been blown away by this amazing iPhone hack which lets you share audio with your friends in real time.

The handy trick means that users with wireless headphones can listen to music, stream videos or watch movies together without the need to share ear buds or use a splitter extension.

Anyone with compatible AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPod Max or Beats headphones can use the hack on selected iPhone, iPad or iPod touch models with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

The trick was shared in a video tutorial on Instagram, much to the amazement of viewers.

Users have to tap the AirPlay button on their device and select "Share Audio" to activate the cool feature.

The headphones should then be held close to the device and will appear as an option on the screen.


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All you have to do is tap the option and it will connect their headphones to your audio feed.

The volume can then be adjusted separately, so everyone experiences a level they like.

Posting the trick on social media, user cnnunderscored wrote: "This hack makes listening to music on one phone with your friend or scrolling through TikTok while watching movies possible."

Commenters were left stunned by the hidden feature.

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One wrote: "Nice!! Had no clue."

Another joked that they were "old" and "not in the loop for not knowing about it.

Meanwhile, others tagged friends who they wanted to try the hack out with.

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The full list of compatible devices and headphones can be found here.

They include all iPhone models from the iPhone 8 onwards and all AirPods from the first generation.

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