Free rail travel for commuters in certain parts of England

West Midlands Railway has announced it will be offering free tickets on its trains for customers, for a limited time. This is set to be part of a week-long initiative which will run later this month and be targeted at getting commuters back to travelling via rail.

‘Train it Chooseday’ will provide passengers access to complimentary travel on trains within the West Midlands.

It should be noted that there is limited availability for customers interested in this particular travel concession.

Specifically, the offer applies for journeys between two stations within the West Midlands Rail Zones one to five.

To get free train tickets, commuters need to visit either the West Midlands Railway website or its app.

Discounted train tickets can only be redeemed once per account, the rail operator said.

Customers have been able to get free anytime return tickets as of yesterday (Monday, March 13).

These tickets will be able to be used between Monday March 20 until Friday March 24, including at peak times.

The aim of the rail operator is to incentivise more people into travelling by train as opposed to making journeys by car.

Passengers can claim their free Anytime rail tickets by heading to the WMR app or website and entering the code ‘CHOOSEDAY’ into the ‘Add a promo code’ section.

Jonny Wiseman, the customer experience director at West Midlands Railway, shared why the rail operator is opting to launch this concession at this moment in time.

He explained: “Since the pandemic many people have changed the way they work and travel.

“With more and more people now returning to offices, this promotion is a great opportunity to remind our customers of the benefits of travelling by rail to work.

“Using the train brings a heap of benefits including dodging the traffic, extra time to read or work and the knowledge you are travelling sustainability.

“I encourage as many customers as possible to redeem their free rail ticket by simply heading to our website or app and entering the promotional code.”

At the beginning of this month, rail ticket prices increased by up to 5.9 percent which is thought to be the largest rise in the cost of train travel on record.

This is despite the fact that the Government stepped in to cap the increase at this amount to relieve further financial pressure from rail operators and commuters.

Usually, train ticket prices rise in line with RPI inflation, however, this hit 12.3 percent in July 2022 which resulted in Government intervention.

Similar concessions have been launched by other rail operators, including by Avanti West Coast with has an offering for “flexible” customers.

The company’s ‘Superfare’ scheme has commuters purchase a ticket for a particular date and specify around what time of the day they want to travel.

Around 24 hours before they are set to leave, the rail operator will match ticket-holders to a quieter train service and share the departure time.

Train tickets are available for single journeys between London and Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Preston; and are fixed between £12 and £22.

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