Genius Dyson fan creates 'natural breeze' in your house – and lets you change humidity with an app

DYSON has unveiled its most elaborate "fan" yet – a three-in-one heater/cooler, purifier and humidifier.

The smart fan even promises to create a "natural breeze" in your home, and can be controlled via an app.

It's appropriately named the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool, and is designed to tackle the problem of "dry air" at home.

One of the big selling points of Dyson's humidifier technology is that it promises to be "clean".

Part of the problem with general humidifiers is that they rely on a water tank, which can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

But Dyson's fan(cy) new gizmo uses UV-C light to damage the bacteria in the water.

It says this process happens within one-trillionth of a second, and ensures that 99.9% of bacteria in the water is denatured and killed.

This water is then pulled through into the core machine to provide humidification throughout the home.

As with previous fans, Dyson also promises heating and cooling controlled by a remote or smartphone app.

And Dyson has also bundled in its air-purification tech too – which is good news for allergy sufferers.

One of the quirkiest new features is the new "Breeze Mode'.

Dyson's engineers used sensors to collect 40million data points about how wind moves.

And they've used that info to recreate what they say is a "natural outdoor breeze" using the Dyson fan.

The barrels of the fan oscillate in very specific patterns to create a breeze-like airflow – but indoors.

"People are often surprised that at Dyson we have a team of highly skilled microbiologists and an array of high-tech biochemistry labs, to properly research the problems we want to solve," said Dyson's Charlie Park.

"Combining this knowledge with key engineering principles like aerodynamics, filtration and sensing, Dyson engineers and scientists developed a three-in-one, year-round machine to tackle dry, dirty air and maintain a comfortable indoor environment."

You can control the new Dyson entirely using a smartphone app.
This includes the ability to schedule the fan to switch on or off at certain times – and the tasks you'd like it to perform.

And for anyone with access to an Amazon Echo, you can also control the Dyson fan using Alexa – i.e. with your voice.

The new model costs £599.99, and is available in White/Silver.

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