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IF your iPhone is slowing down there's a simple trick that could help it speed back up.

As you may be aware, having heaps of stuff stored on your smartphone can be one culprit for dreaded sluggishness.

Clearing out old photos and videos is a good start but lurking underneath your apps is something called the cache.

The cache is where tiny files are stored that are designed to make things load faster.

That could mean the format of a website with its logo, for example, so the next time you visit it the layout elements load much faster.

However, overtime, the cache can build up quite considerably into a large mount of tiny files.

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Every once in a while, it's worth clearing it from your web browser.

Here's how for Safari and Google Chrome.

How to clear Safari's cache on iPhone

To clear the cache from Safari on an iPhone, first you'll need to open the Settings.

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Find Safari then go to Advanced, followed by Website Data.

Next, scroll to Remove All Website Data.

Finally, hit Remove Now.

How to clear Chrome's cache on iPhone

To clear the cache from Chrome, you'll have to start by opening the Chrome app itself.

Find the three dots menu button along the bottom right.

Select Settings, then Privacy and Security.

Go to Clear Browsing Data, then choose the time range you want to clear.

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Check that Cookies, Site Data is selected, as well as Cached Images and Files.

Hit Clear Browsing Data and it'll all be deleted.

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