Hand washing tip to transform ‘gross’ yellow pillows

Lynsey Crombie shares how to check if you need new pillows

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You may have noticed your pillows becoming stained with yellow marks over time, typically due to sweat, salvia or oils from your head. However, pillows made from feathers or foam can’t simply be thrown into the washing machine.

Other types of pillows may become misshapen or lumpy after going through a vitreous washing machine cycle, so it’s important to always read the care label before tackling the chore.

TikTok creators have been sharing how they have managed to clean their dirty pillows while maintaining optimal fluffiness.  For a deep clean, a TikTok user named Scot has a solution which involves soaking the pillows in your bath. Scot, who is a photographer, admitted he had not cleaned his pillows in over a decade before taking on the challenge.

“I just moved into my new apartment and I decided to strip my gross pillows that I have had for over a decade,” he said in a video posted to his page @scottwoodmanphoto.

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He filled his bath with hot water and then added a mixture of baking soda, a stain-removing powder, laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener before leaving the pillows to soak for an hour.

After an hour he drained the dirty brown water away and repeated the process. He added that you should “make sure they all get submerged and soak”.

At this point, your pillows can be left to dry. However, due to how dirty Scot’s pillows were, he chose to then take them to a local laundromat for a “full wash cycle”.

If you choose to put your pillows into the washing machine, be sure to check their care label first. In the end, Scot said his pillows were left “fresh and clean”.

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How to clean pillows with hydrogen peroxide 

Cleaning expert @jeeves_ny, a New York-based cleaner has shared an “easy” method to achieve white pillows without the use of a washing machine.

In a video, he said: “As I’m sure you already know, you can’t clean your dirty pillows in the washing machine. They’re going to get clumpy and gross. But, cleaning them by hand is actually pretty easy.”

He recommends a two-step process which uses just three main ingredients: water, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Jeeves explained: “Get yourself some dish soap and some warm water. Wipe it down, that is going to remove the oils.”

In the same way dish soap tackles grease and dirt on plates, combined with water it can remove some of the grime from your pillows.

“Now to fix the colour we are going to spray it down with hydrogen peroxide,” explained the cleaning expert. “Let it air dry day after day until it looks like this – the same pillow, just much cleaner and whiter.”

Hydrogen peroxide is an eco-friendly way to get rid of stains. It breaks up strong chemical bonds which make up the stains on your pillow. In the process, this makes the stains become invisible. As the drying process continues, your pillows should become whiter over time.

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