I drove the new Ford E-Transit Custom – it's ten times better than before plus you can use the steering wheel as a plate | The Sun

WINNERS do more. That’s what I tell my kids. Stay ahead of the game.

Look at Man City. They won the league and then signed Erling Haaland.

Look at Max Verstappen. Ten wins from 15 races.

Look at Adele. Emmy, Oscar and 15 Grammys.

They are relentless.

Now look at the new Ford E-Transit Custom.

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Not only have Ford added a battery to Britain’s best-selling vehicle, they have made it ten times better all round.

Let’s start with the TILTING STEERING WHEEL. It folds upwards to create a flat surface for using laptops or eating lunch. So it’s a work desk and a canteen.

For delivery drivers, DELIVERY ASSIST mode can shave 20 seconds off every drop.

That’ll soon add up if you’re delivering 200-odd parcels a day.

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As soon as you shift into Park, the hazard lights start flashing, the windows shut and the doors lock on exit.

The side load door opens when you wave a foot under it and automatically locks as you walk away.

Hop back in with keyless re-entry, start the vehicle and the hazard lights switch off and the windows return to their previous position.

Ford is spoiling you.

The cab also has dimmable office lights, 5G modem, 13in touchscreen and walk-through access, plus 360-degree cameras and intelligent speed assist to keep your licence clean.

The cargo area has a lower load floor and a new side step. Payload is 1,100kg. It will tow up to 2,000kg. Van height is under two metres to fit in city garages.

Also, like the bigger 2-tonne E-Transit, it has 2.3kW onboard sockets to power work tools and lighting. An hour’s graft with a table saw will eat about three miles of range.

Which brings me nicely to the 74kWh battery pack.

Targeted range is 236 miles – four times the average daily mileage of a one-tonne van driver, according to Ford data.

You’ll get a “splash and dash” 23 miles of range in five minutes at a public rapid charger, or 80 per cent juice in 41 minutes.

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The rear-mounted electric motor has two power outputs – 135hp or 217hp – both with 415Nm of torque.

Like the new van but not ready for electric yet? The good news is there will be diesel and plug-in hybrid versions too. They’ll be cheaper and go further. On sale late 2023.

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