I tried a cheap tea bag hack to clean my dirty oven dish – and these were the results

Express tests tea bag hack for cleaning dirty oven dishes

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After cooking a large meal, people can often find themselves scrubbing dirty oven dishes for hours. While giving them a good scrub can be effective, it can also take up a lot of valuable time. But instead of using strong chemicals or expensive cleaning products, I decided to test out tea bags to see if they could remove food debris and grease from oven dishes.

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Using tea bags is famously championed by the Queen of Clean herself, Lynsey Crombie.

She can often be seen using the cheap hack to clean her dirty oven dishes after a family roast dinner.

Not only can tea bags be found in most households, they’re also relatively affordable to buy.

JUST ESSENTIALS by ASDA sells 40 tea bags for just 31p, and Stockwell & Co tea bags cost 65p for 80 tea bags from Tesco.

Typhoo 240 Tea Foil Fresh Teabags cost just £3 from Iceland.

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With this in mind, we tested the hack out on a dish used to cook a fruit crumble.

The dish had been left over night so the food debris and grease was heavily caked onto the porcelain.


  • Tea bags x2
  • Boiling hot water
  • Sponge or scourer


The first thing I did was put the kettle on and grab my tea bags from the cupboard.

I used Yorkshire Tea tea bags to try out this hack. I’m not a tea drinker so these had been sat at the back of the cupboard unopened for a while.

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If I were a tea-drinker, I would try this hack with used tea bags, which Lynsey also recommends doing.

I put two tea bags into the dirty oven dish and then covered them with boiling hot water from the kettle.

I let the tea sit in the oven dish for five minutes before tipping the solution down the sink.

I was quite surprised at how much debris had been removed from the oven dish without using a sponge or rinsing the dish.

Once the solution was poured away, I then proceeded to rinse the dish with warm water which caused more debris to come away from the porcelain.

At this point, there were still quite a lot of stains and debris stuck to the dish.

When I had rinsed it thoroughly I grabbed my scourer to remove the stains, expecting to have to scrub quite hard to remove them.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when the stains and debris fell off the porcelain relatively easily.

It took me no more than 10 seconds to remove the rest of the stains and debris.

I then dried the oven dish with a tea towel and checked it over for any leftover stains from the fruit crumble – there weren’t any.

Definitely try this trick if you’ve got any leftover tea bags as it’s quick, simple and works a treat.

However, the one downside of this hack is the tea stains that were left in my sink afterwards but this could be down to the material and colour of the sink.

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