I was fined £30 for pulling into a bus lane to let an ambulance pass by jobsworth traffic officer – it's ridiculous

A NURSE has told of her shock after being fined £30 for pulling into a bus lane to let an ambulance pass.

Gwen Bendall, 46, was driving home along Uttoxeter New Road in Derby, Derbs., at around 11am last month when an ambulance approached her from behind with its sirens on.

Gwen checked for a safe spot to pull over and found the lane to her right was blocked with cars due to turn off.

Instead, the Royal Derby Hospital nurse moved into the bus lane to her left after checking it was clear.

She told Derbyshire Live: "I could see what was ahead and there were five or six cars waiting to turn, so I thought if I moved left then the middle lane was free and it could go charging into town.

"It just seems like a bit of a jobsworth who isn't taking anything into consideration.

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"I think I made the most sensible decision and the process is very blinkered. It's almost like 'bus lane, that's it'."

Gwen was told the ambulance should have gone in the bus lane instead of her.

But she insists "both lanes would have been blocked" if she had stayed where she was.

She added: "Everyone has said it's ridiculous. The ambulance wasn't making any attempt to go into the bus lane, it was obvious it wanted to go into town and could likely see what I could see.

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"I'd still do it again in the future. You'd let an ambulance past, wouldn't you? Or any emergency vehicle."

Gwen, who was in the car with her son, was travelling home from her dad's at the time and was caught near to the junction between the A516 Uttoxeter New Road and Rowditch Place.

She was slapped with the fine on April 28 and challenged it – but was told earlier this week the ambulance should have gone around her using the bus lane.

Gwen said although the fine was reduced to £30 if she paid it within 14 days, she felt the principle was wrong.

Derbyshire Live contacted Derby City Council for comment on Wednesday, May 4.

The next day, Gwen said a council staff member had been in touch to say the ticket had been waived, despite having earlier rejected her explanation.

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