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A CAR expert has revealed their easy hacks to help you save thousands of pounds on your insurance.

A TikTok user called Cameron has dedicated his account to sharing useful hints and tips on trying to save money.

During the cost of living crisis, it's more important than ever to cut costs where possible and save where you can.

And one thing most Brits are paying out for is car insurance.

Unavoidable bills like this can burn a bit of a hole in your pocket if you don't pay them in efficient ways.

Cameron has now shared the best ways to pay it that will save you the most money.


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In a video posted to his nearly 500k followers, he said: "Use these hacks to get cheap car insurance."

He explained in the skit that you can add a named driver who has plenty years of experience to your policy which will help bring costs down.

Cameron also advised when asked where the motor would be parked, you should tell the company it will be "on the driveway which is the cheapest option" – not the street or in the garage.

The third hack was to never insure the car instantly.

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Finance guru Cameron said: "Start [your insurance policy] in 20 days.

"[They will] overcharge you if you're in a rush to start the insurance."

His final tip was to always pay the cost in full – so the yearly rate – instead of monthly instalments.

Cameron guaranteed this would get you the "best price".

Flooded with comments one user said: "Paying in full may be cheaper but who has that money straight away? Just pay monthly."

Another said: "Can confirm these all work."

You can find out the best insurance type for you and your car as there are different types.

We also have some simple ideas to help drive down your petrol costs.

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