‘I’m been a cleaner these are the 6 best ways to deal with mice’

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Mice are dirty and they can be dangerous, contaminating food and carrying disease. Thankfully, a cleaner has shared the best methods to get rid of them.

Angela Brown, host of the daily show and podcast Ask a House Cleaner. She’s a cleaning guru and has amassed an enormous following online. She has over a quarter of a million YouTube subscribers, on her channel @AskAngelaBrown.

She explained exclusively to Express readers how to deal with mice. Angela said: “Mice are a common household pest and are attracted to pantries as they provide a warm and secure area with easy access to food sources.

“Unfortunately, mice can cause serious damage to both food and property. Mice are known to contaminate food by leaving droppings, urine, and hair, as well as spreading dangerous diseases and parasites.

“They can also gnaw through boxes and packages, contaminate surfaces, and create a general mess in areas with food.”

So, how exactly does Angela recommend homeowners keep mice away from their homes and pantries? Angela shared these six methods,

Clean and seal all entry points to the pantry, such as cracks and crevices in the walls and baseboards

Mice are very small and amazingly agile. They can fit through tiny spaces thanks to their flexible skeletons. The best way to “get rid” of mice is to never have them in the first place, which means filling up even the tiniest cracks in your doors, windows, floors, and ceilings.

Install a door sweep to the bottom of the pantry door

A door sweep is a clever contraption that will stop mice from being able to climb under your door. The sweep, which is often a bit of plastic, creates a seal stopping any cheeky mice from breaking through.

Place snap traps and glue traps in the pantry

While for many such a thing is a last resort, if your pantry is under attack killer traps might be the only option. Put traps in your pantry, near your food with tempting morsels for the mouse. For those who won’t use deadly traps, there are a number of other methods to try. 

One homes experts created all-natural ‘anti-mouse bags’ to deter mice, using spices such as cinnamon. Another clever trap to try is one dubbed the “best humane mouse trap”, which can be made at home with a bottle.

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Store food in plastic, metal, or glass containers with airtight lids

If you don’t have food the mice can get to, they are less likely to try and plunder your cupboards. Keeping your food in air-tight containers will help.

Keep the pantry and surrounding areas clean and free of spilled food or crumbs

Similarly, mice will hoover up any crumbs on your shelves on in your cupboards. Keep these clean and disinfected to deter mice.

Use pet-safe mouse poison in the pantry

Similarly to traps, chemical warfare might be needed to keep your pantry safe. There are various pet save mice poisons on the market, so if you have furry family members make sure to buy a poison that won’t hurt them.

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