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WATER resistance is a big deal if you want to keep your smartphone safe but there are so many different strength levels.

First of all, water resistance shouldn't be confused with waterproof – and vice versa.

You may see them on your device's packaging as IP codes.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and doesn't just cover liquids, butsolid objects as well (usually dust).

Most handsets have some form of protection now.

So what does the IP mean?

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What does the IP rating mean?

An IP rating usually comes with two digits.

The first corresponds to protection to solid stuff.

And the second is about liquids.

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The higher the number, the better it is at withstanding things.

The code itself is defined by an organisation known as the International Electrotechnical Commission.

At the moment, the solid particle protection goes anywhere from 0, which is zero protection, up to 6, known as dust tight.

iPhones after the 6S have a 6 rating.

The liquid ingress protection goes from 0 – zero protection again – right the way to 9K.

9K means it can withstand powerful high-temperature water jets.

This level of protection isn't needed for everyday phones.

These days, most will have a 7 or 8 rating.

A 7 rating means it can take immersion, up to 1 meter depth, whilst under water for 30 minutes.

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Meanwhile 8 is a tad more – immersion in 1 meter or more depth.

Manufacturers do loads of their own tests and will tell you just how much your device you can take, so be sure to check their website for official information before dunking them about.

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