Make your own ‘natural’ fabric softener with household ingredients – ‘a lot cheaper’

Lynsey Queen of Clean shares her laundry tip

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There’s nothing quite like freshly laundered clothes — especially when your clothes are downy soft to the touch. These days, there are plenty of grocery store options for softening fabric, but many of them use synthetic or non-biodegradable chemicals. The good news? It’s easy to make all-natural fabric softener in the comfort of your home.

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Cleaning experts at Cleanipedia have shared handy homemade remedies that will keep your laundry soft and fresh.

They said: “Making your own natural fabric softener is not a complicated process and has many advantages over store-bought products. 

“For one, it works out a lot cheaper as you only need a few key ingredients that you probably have in your store cupboard – white vinegar, for example, makes for a great fabric softener.”

Natural fabric softeners are all-natural, so you’ll be avoiding the chemicals found in manufactured softeners.

This makes them a better option for sensitive skin or those with allergies. 

They can be a more eco-friendly solution too, as you cut down on packaging waste. 

Homeowners can also customise homemade softeners with whatever fragrance (if any) they like, so their clothes will smell exactly the way they want.

Assembling your own homemade fabric softener is relatively straightforward and requires only a few ingredients. 

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The first natural fabric softener suggested involves a combination of white vinegar and baking soda.

In your bowl, mix 200g baking soda with 250ml water and then add in 1.7 litres white vinegar.

The experts said: “The whole thing will start sizzling, but it’s a normal chemical reaction and will die down soon enough.”

Next pour in 1.7 litres of water and give it a good stir. 

The laundry pros said: “If you fancy a touch of fragrance, use 10 or so drops of an essential oil of your choice. 

“Lavender is great on bedding while citrus-based scents like mandarin and orange feel clean and refreshing.”

Then add 80ml of the solution to your washing machine’s fabric softener dispenser.

The next solution involves combining white vinegar and hair conditioner.

In 1.25 litres of hot water, mix in 360ml distilled white vinegar, then stir in 240ml of the hair conditioner.

To finish, the experts said: “Use the mixture in the washing machine as if it was a commercial softener – add to the fabric softener dispenser, using 35ml for an average-sized load (55ml for a large load of six to seven kilograms).”

Plain old Epsom salts on their own also do a great job doubling up as a natural fabric softener, according to the laundry experts.

They suggested: “You can use the salts as they are, adding about a tablespoon to your wash, but you can also mix in your favourite fragrance. 

“Use essential oils and blend away to your heart’s content (it’s easier to blend the oils into a large batch – you’ll want one drop to every 20g of salts).”

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