‘More effective than bleach’ Low-cost, natural method to clean grout

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Over time the seal on grout wears away allowing moisture to seep into the porous material. Not only does this cause discolouration, it also can increase the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Though many people recommend bleach as a quick fix for cleaning grout, this might not be the best answer.

Posting to a Reddit forum titled ‘Cleaning Tips’, the user said: “Bleach is not the way to clean tile grout.”

They added: “I keep seeing posts with pictures of tile showers asking for cleaning suggestions, invariably a bunch of people comment with solutions involving bleach.”

They explained: “Bleach degrades grout.

“The more you use bleach on your tile and grout the more you will need to.”

Experts from Sirgrout.com are in agreement, advising against the use of bleach to clean between tiles.

They said: “Using bleach to clean your coloured grout can result in fading of the colour, making it uneven, or even removing the cover if the bleach isn’t handled properly.”

According to the experts, bleach can discolour or even strip colour away, especially if you have coloured grout.


The experts added: “Bleach can also weaken the grout, causing it to crack and crumble.

“If any of the issues mentioned here were to occur, it would be necessary to completely replace the grout.

“That’s a cost that can be avoided by not using bleach on grout.”

However, there is a natural alternative which you may have tucked away in your kitchen cupboard.

Posting to a Reddit forum dedicated to “the amazing uses of baking soda and other natural, cheap house cleaning tips”, one user said: “Baking soda is something that we tend to forget about when there are all of these fancy cleaning products out there. But, you really don’t need them.”

According to the anonymous user, baking soda proves a savvy agent in combatting mould and grout.

They said: “Apply a thick paste of baking soda and water to your grout and afflicted mould areas, such as the sink, grout, toilet, shower, and let sit for two to three hours. Come back and rinse off.

“I’ve found this to be more effective than bleach.”

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