Morrisons shopper shares simple tips to get the best deals – money saving hacks

Cutting down on spending when it comes to groceries and household essentials can be a way in which some manage to save money. And, whether the savings are reserved for something in particular, or to alleviate financial pressures elsewhere, many will look for ways in which they can make the money they have go further.


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Some people will look for budgeting hacks online, and one savvy spender has been more than willing to share their top tips with the world.

Writing on a Reddit thread 11 months ago, the user “investtherestpls” explained that they don’t rush around the supermarket.

“Factor in your time (ie if it takes you an extra hour to save five quid… can you earn more than a fiver an hour in another way?),” they penned.

“I kind’ve like the deal hunting websites… but then I probably don’t value my time well, using them.”

Another tip from this shopper is to buy products when discounts and offers are available, and this may mean adapting the shopping list to suit the season.

“Buy on sale. Buy what is in season if it is cheap,” they wrote. “I was buying Morrison’s ready made chicken curries for a few weeks when they were £1.50. Now they are back to £2.75, alas, no more.”(sic)

Opting against pricier branded choices is another way in which this person manages to cut costs.

They explained: “I am absolutely amazed by the lowest-tier staples (eg at Morrisons, which is my local) – 36p for a loaf of bread?!”

However, it may be that looking out for one particular thing when shopping could lead to savings.

“Look at per-unit prices,” they suggested.

“Eg, even if cheese is on sale, it may still be more expensive per kg – and hence you need to have a rough idea of what the per-unit price ‘should’ be.

“This goes between lines as well as weights of course (ie, £1.50 for 300g hummous, vs 2 x 200g for £2 – makes no odds – but you have to know that, and then buy the quantity you want!).


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“And same deal, eg comparing say asparagus and courgettes – even if the asparagus is on sale you’re still probably paying more per kg. If you want asparagus, cool (and I do, yum!); but if you don’t care, you know, just buy whatever.”

Another suggestion was to consider buying frozen vegetables rather than fresh options – as this Reddit user pointed out that “frozen basic peas are cheap”.

“It’s all a trade off – I think the first step is going back to basics and working out, really, what you need/want, then working out the cheapest way of getting it, and if it is worth the hassle/time,” they shared.

“And then there is the question of environment. Beef is expensive on so many levels. Fish also, or at least a lot of species. Polystyrene packaging. Etc.”

A Tesco shopper has previously revealed how they managed to shave off a huge amount of money from their weekly expenditure.

By making shopping lists and sticking to weekly meal plans, this thrifty spender managed to save £150 a month.

Kayleigh Murray, 24, from Monmouthshire, and her partner Perry, 29, decided to overhaul their spending habits by setting themselves the challenge of completing a monthly food shop for less than £100.

Their efforts paid off, with the pair managing to slash their former £220 budget to just £67.65 per month.

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