People are just realizing 'three types of Wi-Fi users' should put router in specific position for faster speeds | The Sun

EVERY Wi-Fi user has different needs and that can determine where the best place for your router is.

Putting your router in the best place for your most used devices can increase Wi-Fi speed.

According to experts at ASUS Wireless, mounting your router on the wall can be useful for certain types of users.

Mounting your Wi-Fi device on a wall can be beneficial for several reasons.

It can increase airflow and help your router avoid overheating.

The higher you put it, the better it is for most households as Wi-Fi routers send signals down.

You can also save space by avoiding having the router on a desktop.

ASUS Wireless described three specific groups of people who might want to do this.

The first is anyone "either craving for wider WiFi coverage or wanting to save space."

This category may include people in a large household who are trying to send signals further.

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However, people in smaller homes may also choose a Wi-Fi wall mount to give themselves more room for other things.

Next on the ASUS list is "WFH, gamers, and streamers."

The experts explain: "If you rely on a robust and reliable Wi-Fi connection; for instance, working from home, gaming, and streaming, a wall-mount router can help ensure that you have reliable internet access throughout your workday."

Finally, "smart home enthusiasts" are the third suggestion for people who might want to mount their Wi-Fi router.

Putting your router in this position can help it provide better coverage for smart devices like thermostats or security cameras.

Wi-Fi routers on the wall aren't the way forward for other groups though.

If you have reinforced concrete walls or walls that contain metal pipes, this can affect your Wi-Fi signal.

You should also pick a wall that's central in the home and not in the basement or too far away from your devices.

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