Rockets explode overhead during Fox News' Trey Yingst appearance as Hamas missile attack on Israel continues

Israel preparing retaliation against rocket attacks

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports Hamas is firing rockets into Israel on ‘Special Report’

Explosions were heard overhead during Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst’s appearance on “Special Report” as the terrorist organization Hamas continued to fire off rockets into Israel late Monday. 

YINGST: Those rockets continue to be fired into Southern Israel at this moment, all along the Gaza Strip. Overhead we can hear Israeli drones and fighter jets. Israel is preparing their retaliation against the factions there.

Monday marked Jerusalem day. A national holiday that commemorates Israel taking over east Jerusalem in 1967. The city was also the first target for factions inside Gaza who this evening fired six rockets towards it. The barrage was the first of more than a hundred rockets fired into Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihads who say they will support Palestinian resistance at all costs.

“We will not tolerate harm to our territory, to our capitol, to our citizens or to our soldiers. He who attacks us will pay a heavy price,” the words by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already starting to ring true across Gaza. 

At least 20 people are dead from Israeli retaliation, some of them are children. How does this all end? That’s the big question here tonight. There is a possibility for an Egyptian-led cease-fire negotiation but that negotiation could take days. 


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