Safest UK city to live for over 60s is ‘an amazing place’

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Recent research from over 50s life insurance providers SunLife revealed the top 20 safest places for people over 60 in England and Wales. The company analysed the number of burglaries and thefts per person in UK towns to determine which is the least dangerous city.

The study also took into consideration the prevalence of influenza, as well as the ambulance response times. The expert explained these, along with the number of burglaries, are also factors that affect an area’s safety the most.

When ranked for all factors, the experts at SunLife revealed that the overall safest location is Chorley, in Lancashire. The market town has very low burglary and theft rates, and a fairly decent ambulance response time.

Residents of Chorley described the town as “an amazing place” with “beautiful” attractions and gardens on Tripadvisor. Other visitors said it is “lovely” and “a great place for families”.

Wokingham, in Berkshire, came second, ranking well for theft and ambulance response times. On top of that, the town had the ninth-lowest rate of burglary in the country.

In third place was Wigan, in Greater Manchester. The picturesque town of Wigan had the second-lowest theft rate in the UK.

Wigan only falls below both Chorley and Wokingham on the list due to its higher flu mortality rate. The towns of Tamworth, in Staffordshire, Guildford, in Surrey, and Lichfield, also ranked as some of the safest locations for those over 60.

In terms of counties, according to SunLife’s findings, Staffordshire is the safest county for people over 60 in England and Wales. In second place is Greater Manchester, with some of the least dangerous locations including Wigan, Rochdale and Stockport.

In third place is Cheshire, with Chester being one of the top safest locations. Tamworth, Lichfield and Stafford also featured in the top 10 safest places list.

Safest town in the UK for over 60s:

Chorley, Lancashire

Wokingham, Berkshire

Wigan, Greater Manchester

Tamworth, Staffordshire

Guildford, Surrey

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Stockport, Greater Manchester

Oldham, Greater Manchester

Stafford, Staffordshire

The experts shared some of the best tips on how over 60s can stay safe this winter and started by saying it is essential that Britons “book and go for your flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster”. Flu vaccines are free for people over 50 and anyone that age should have been invited for their autumn booster.

“These viruses are more common in autumn and winter, so it’s vital to do what we can to protect ourselves and others,” the experts said.

Another recommendation to stay safe this winter wherever people live is to “always lock your door and windows”. According to the ONS, domestic burglary is 1.14 times more likely in winter than in summer.

“It’s important to be vigilant when at home, particularly if you live alone,” the experts noted. “Whether you’re in the house or not, it’s good to get into the habit of locking your doors at all times. It’s easy for a thief to quietly enter a house, even when you’re in”.

They also recommended investing in a doorbell camera. “If possible, you might want to buy a doorbell camera. They can be pricey, but can give you an extra layer of security at home – especially when you’re home alone or away,” they said.

The camera connects the doorbell to a phone, so people can see when anyone comes to the door. Finally, the experts urged people to always “ask for ID when a ‘professional’ calls”. If Britons answer the door to someone they don’t know who claims to offer a service, or who is insisting they’re from a big company, “always ask for ID”.

“If you still don’t feel comfortable, call the company to see if that person works for them. These types of door-to-door scams are usually to either distract you while someone else enters your home, or to scope your home to see what there is to steal”, they advised.

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