Samsung accidentally leaks image of new Galaxy Note 20 smartphone – before deleting it from website

SAMSUNG appears to have accidentally leaked an image of its latest smartphone online.

The South Korean tech titan posted an picture to its website on Monday that included what looked like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

The image was swiftly deleted, but not before eagle-eyed fans spotted the gaffe and shared it to social media.

In the picture, a mystery device is shown sandwiched between two of Samsung's most recent phones, the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S20.

Fans were quick to point out that the unnamed mobile had the characteristics of a Samsung Note device.

Note handsets are a mix between a phone and a tablet and are typically much larger than Samsung's flagship S series phones.

Interestingly, the leaked picture appears to show a phone with no visible selfie camera or "notch".

That could hint that the Note 20 will come with a futuristic selfie camera that's hidden under the screen.

Designs for such cameras have already been unveiled by smaller smartphone-makers, such as Oppo, but are yet to make it into a major mobile release.

Benefits of an under screen front camera include the lack of a notch, which normally hosts the camera, cutting into the display.

Losing that means videos can be watched uninterrupted in landscape mode.

Samsung hasn't announced it's making a Galay Note 20 smartphone yet, so take the rumours with a punch of salt for now.

It's possible the phone in the image is just a concept mobile used as part of promotional materials, rather than anything Samsung is directly working on.

The Sun has reached out to Samsung for comment.

Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S20 range at a lavish launch event in San Francisco.

The S20 boasts a top-of-the-range triple camera system capable of up to 100x digital zoom, letting you take close-up shots of distant objects.

Also featured is a striking AMOLED display that covers nearly the whole face of the mobile.

In total, three models were released: The entry-level S20 (6.2in), bulkier S20+ (6.7in) and feature-packed S20 Ultra (6.9in).

In other news, Samsung recently baffled phone owners by sending out a mystery "1" push notification.

Samsung phone owners can now play Xbox and PS4 games on their mobiles.

And, users are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone is breaking after just days of use.

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