Sick 'free Netflix' scam will hijack your bank account – DON'T fall for this online hoax

NETFLIX lovers are being warned about a new email scam claiming to offer a year's free subscription to the service.

A malicious link in the email takes you to a professional looking page that will reportedly harvest your personal information.

South Lanarkshire, Scotland, tweeted a warning after becoming aware of the phishing scam.

The malicious email states that you can win a year's premium subscription to Netflix if you enter a competition by clicking a link.

The link then takes you to a website where you're asked for personal information like your name and bank details.

Last month alone, Action Fraud reported getting 1,400 complaints about this scam.

Netflix warns on its own website about scams like this.

It says: "We will never ask for your personal information by texts or email.

"This includes: Credit or debit card numbers, Bank account details, Netflix passwords.

"We will never request payment through a 3rd party vendor or website.

"If you receive a text or email requesting any of the above, it is not from Netflix."

If you do receive an email or text that looks like a scam, don't open the link or attachment.

What is phishing?

Here's what you need to know…

  • Phishing is a type of online fraud
  • It's typically an attempt to nab some of your data
  • Phishing generally involves scammers posing as a trustworthy entity
  • For instance, fraudsters could send you an email claiming to be your bank, asking for details
  • Scammers can also set up fake websites that look like real ones, simply to hoodwink you
  • Phishing can take place over email, social media, texts, phone calls and more
  • The best defence against phishing is to be generally sceptical of weblinks and emails, especially if they were unsolicited

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Have you spotted any scams recently? Let us know in the comments…

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