‘Smells wonderful’: Homemade lavender spray you can use to clean any room in the house

Gardening tips: Expert on how to grow lavender at home

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Essential oils are commonly used for household cleaning, but it’s not just the oils of scented flowers that can be used. In fact, dried lavender is one of the easiest summer blooms to infuse into cleansing solutions, and has become a summer staple for cleaning enthusiasts. Here’s how to make your own lavender spray using just two naturally cleansing ingredients.

White vinegar is known as a powerhouse product when it comes to cleaning surfaces around the home, but it is often despised for its pungent scent.

While essential oils are usually the quickest way to mask the acidity of this classic condiment, one blogger has claimed that dried flowers are the “best way” to neutralise the intense smell.

Not only is this lavender-infused vinegar the perfect solution for almost any surface around the house, but it is a great way to use up those leftover cuttings from the garden.

How to make lavender cleaning spray

Before making the lavender spray, you will need to cut and dry the petals from a fresh lavender plant.

To do this, tie a bunch of lavender stems loosely with rope and leave them in a warm, dry spot indoors for seven to 10 days.

An open window or fan nearby will help to speed up the drying process.

If you need the lavender instantly, spread a thin layer of lavender on a baking tray and place it in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the stalks are completely brittle.

Make sure to keep the oven door slightly open while drying to allow moisture to pass through effectively.

Once your lavender bunch is dry, brush the petals into a clean mason jar and fill the container almost completely to the top with distilled white vinegar.

Screw the lid onto the mason jar and shake well, or use a spoon to mix the petals into the liquid.

The mixture will need to infuse on a sunny window for at least a few days and will be stronger for each day you lose it.

Five to seven days should be enough to infuse the liquid.

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Using a cheesecloth or fine mesh rag, cover a sieve and strain the liquid into a clean jug.

Pour the cleansing solution into an empty spray bottle and use it on dirty or greasy surfaces around the house.

The blogger, who goes by the name Modern Homestead Mama said: “This recipe is one of my favourites.

“It smells wonderful, and it’s great for everyday spills.

“Of course, you can’t use vinegar to clean everything, but for a general all-purpose spray, this stuff is the bomb.”

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