The key front door colour to ‘increase’ your house price by 36%

Craig Phillips reveals how you can revamp your front door

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When it comes to selling a home, kerb appeal is extremely important, and the front door is often the first thing prospective buyers see. A new study, conducted by leading window and door retailer, Safestyle, has unveiled that properties with a certain front door colour can sell at 36 percent higher than the national average price. What’s more, painting a front door is also easy if you fancy a change, and doesn’t require a professional to complete the job.

According to the study, houses with red front doors can “increase” a property price by approximately 36 percent.

This is because they can make homes look extremely welcoming as well as add a bright pop of colour to the front of the property.

The research also found that homebuyers will pay more for houses with a grey front door too, approximately 20 percent more than the average.

Black is also a popular and safe colour for front doors, selling for 11 percent more than the average house price in the UK.

In fourth place was blue, which sells homes at two percent more than average, while white can boost property prices by one percent.

The experts noted: “There do appear to be some regional differences. In Newcastle, houses with sage green doors proved to be the most lucrative, selling for approximately 16 percent more than the average house price in the region.

“Meanwhile, if you live in Liverpool, houses with navy blue front doors proved to sell for more, in Leeds grey and in Cardiff, black.

“While in Manchester, properties with red doors were found to be worth approximately 60 percent more than the average price of properties in the city, perhaps alluding to the popularity of a certain football club.”

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In the last year, dark grey doors accounted for 34 percent of Safestyle’s overall door sales, followed closely by black doors and slate grey doors.

While these classic colours do appear in the top three, it is still properties with red front doors which sell at the highest average price.

Safestyle has partnered with James Smith, property expert from leading estate agents, Richardson and Smith who has shared his tips on ways to add value through your home’s exterior.

He said: “When buyers view a property for the first time, initial thoughts are typically based on the appearance of the exterior of the property, the location and any potential scope for an extension or loft conversion. 

“Of course location is always important but the condition of a property and value for money are a high priority for buyers too. 

“As exterior shots of a property are often the first image a potential buyer will see on an online listing, it’s important to think about your front door design as well as the wider exterior of your property to drive in-person viewings and the likelihood of a higher asking price.

“Whether you have a new build or a period property, we often find that coloured front doors in bold, striking shades such as red or black help to improve kerb appeal as they create a stronger first impression and add stylistic features to a property.

“But there are some additional things to think about if you are priming your property for sale.  

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“For example, to add to the sleek design of your front door it is also important to consider accessories such as the door handle, letterbox, matching house number and a doorbell.”

For other ways to improve kerb appeal on a budget, the expert recommended cleaning windows, gutters and tidying the driveway.

It is also important to keep the garden maintained, as an unkempt outdoor space can put buyers off and decrease property price.

To maintain the garden, make sure to keep the lawn neat and free from weeds. According to the pro, these small changes can make all the difference and add value to a home.

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