‘They hate it!’ Simple 46p hack for keeping moths out of your home

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Moths can be a real pest, leaving holes in clothes, furnishings and carpets. Fans of cleaning star Mrs Hinch have shared their hack for ousting moths from homes. Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning and lifestyle influencer with more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

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In recent years, fans of hers have taken to social media platforms to share their own cleaning hacks and tips.

On one such group, Facebook user Linda Ritchie asked Mrs Hinch fans: “What can I use to get rid of moths?”

One of the most suggested hacks from Mrs Hinch fans was to use cedar wood or cedar wood oil.

Moths reportedly don’t like the smell of cedar oil so won’t lay their eggs where they can smell it.

Angel Nina replied: “Cedar wood oil is the thing that they hate.

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“Hence the cedar wood hangers and balls you can get.”

Nicky Bailey said: “Cedar wood and also lavender.”

Laura Grieve commented: “I bought cedar oil and it’s worked.

“It’s quite strong but I put it round the windows and doors.”

Anne Dring wrote: “Cedar wood. You can buy as wardrobe hangers or balls in Wilko.”

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Cedar wood oil can be bought online at Amazon for £4.65.

Miaroma Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil is available to buy from Holland and Barrett for £6.

Alternatively, homeowners could buy a 15-pack of cedar wood balls from H&M for £6.99.

This works out at just 46p per wooden ball.

Cedar wood clothing hangers are also available for £3.95 from eBay.

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Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included moth balls, lavender and peppermint oil.

Michelle Dyke replied: “Moth balls.”

Amy Mccormick commented: “I always used lavender pear bags and always hoover and polish inside at least once a week.”

She added: “Fresh lavender in those mesh type bags.”

Julie Kidd wrote: “Lakeland do a great range called moth stop.

“There’s hangers and spray and sachets for putting in drawers etc.

“It’s the larvae you’ve got to sort though as they cause the damage.”

Hayley Boyd suggested: “Put some peppermint oil on cotton pads and leave them around your house.”

Mandy Drozd wrote: “I have moths nearly all the time as I have parrots and they tend to come out of their feed.

“I use a moth spray. It is a liquid and I wipe the insides of wardrobes and walls, and spray carpets with it.

“People seem to think they only like cloth.

“They really like plastic like bags, clothes covers, plastic boxes etc. I also use one of those battery insect zappers.”

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