Trump: Quarantine of New York Might Happen Today. Blindsided Governor Cuomo: 'I Don't Even Know What That Means'

On Saturday, President Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis continued as he blindsided the governor of New York by telling the media that he may put in place a federally mandated quarantine on the New York metro region.

Trump first said that he just spoke with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, giving the impression that he told Cuomo that he was considering a quarantine because “New York is a hot spot” for COVID-19.

“There’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a quarantine — short-term two weeks on New York, probably New Jersey, certain parts of Connecticut,” the president said.

Trump continued, saying that restricting travel from New York would help slow the spread of the coronavirus to other states like Florida, adding, “This would be an enforceable quarantine.”

The president followed up his statement to reporters with a tweet expressing the same message and obnoxiously using all caps when writing the word quarantine.

Soon after Trump’s remarks, Cuomo responded during his daily press briefing and said, “I didn’t speak to [Trump] about any quarantine. I don’t even know what that means,” the governor said. “I don’t know how that could be legally enforceable. From a medical point of view, I don’t know what you would be accomplishing. I don’t even like the sound of it.”

Maybe Trump was confused and possibly raised the idea of quarantine with former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez when he reached out to the former slugger earlier this week seeking advice on a coronavirus response.

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