Universal Credit: Payments will rise next week – what are the new rates?

Universal Credit is paid monthly and the amount received will depend on the claimants circumstances. Additional “elements” such as having children or being disabled will likely result in higher payments.


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To ensure that all claimants receive some level of support, standard allowances (minimums) are in place.

Claimants who are single and under 25 will receive £251.77 per month.

Singletons aged 25 or over will get £317.82.

If couples apply together they will get £395.20 each if they’re younger than 25.

If the people within the couple are over 25 they will get £498.89 each.

This does not take into account recent changes announced by Rishi Sunak.

In responding to the coronavirus epidemic, the government has taken many steps to help people through this troubling period.

Universal Credit claimants are included within the support packages.

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Mere days ago, the Chancellor of the Exchequer detailed that Universal Credit claimants will receive an additional £1,000 over a year.

This should help claimants in the coming months and an additional boost will follow in the coming days.

While a freeze was put in place for all benefits in 2016, it was removed in late 2019.

From the new tax year, Universal Credit claimants will receive a 1.7 percent payment rise.


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As mentioned, claimants receive different amounts based on their circumstances.

Because of this the new monetary amounts people will receive will vary.

However, it is possible to gauge how this increase will work out by examining the standard allowances.

Taking into consideration the rise, single claimants under 25 will get £256.05 from April.

Claimants single and over 25 will receive £323.22.

Finally, couples younger than 25 will be paid £401.91 and the over 25s will receive £507.37 each.

Universal Credit may be relied upon more than ever in the coming months as the economy struggles with coronavirus.

Many people are expected to be put out of work and there may be limited opportunities elsewhere at the moment as the lockdown continues.

Because of this it is important to know the rules for eligibility. A person may be able to apply for Universal Credit if they’re:

  • On a low income or out of work
  • Are 18 or over
  • Under the state pension age
  • Have less than £16,000 in savings between themselves and their partner
  • Living in the UK

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