Vodafone SIM-only deal: 60GB of data, £13 a month with automatic cashback

TOP SIM-only deals keep on coming, and there’s a new big data offer available from Fonehouse.

This offer includes automatic cashback and gets you a good amount of data.

Fonehouse’s new SIM-only deal is 4G and offered on the Vodafone network.

It includes a sizeable 60GB of monthly data on a 12-month contract, and includes unlimited texts and minutes.

But the key perk of the deal is cashback, which knocks £85 of the cost of the contract.

The cashback is included in the deal, and you don't need to do anythign to claim it.

  • 12-month Vodafone SIM, 60GB data, £20 a month (before cashback) – buy here

Before cashback, the 60GB deal costs a pretty standard £20 a month.

That’s in line with other deals available on the market, and competitive but not particularly exciting.

But it’s the automatic cashback which really brings this deal to life, and means you save £85.

After 90 days Fonehouse will automatically credit the cashback amount to your bank account.

So while over the length of the contract the original total cost was £240, it effectively reduces to £155.

That works out at £12.92 a month, and makes this deal a whole lot better.

In fact, it means that the offer is market-leading for a 60GB SIM-only deal.

It is worth noting that cashback deals don’t change your monthly payment, so you will still have to pay £20 per month throughout the contract.

But the £85 saving on the total cost does means that in terms of total value this is a cracking deal.

And, even better, you don’t have to submit airtime bills to secure the cashback – it’s all provided automatically by Fonehouse.

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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