Where you are ‘statistically likely to make more money’ investing – money expert

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Chris Ball, managing partner of Hoxton Capital Management, spoke to Express.co.uk about investing. Hoxton Capital Management offers tailored investment solutions to clients. As such, Chris is an expert in the world of investing.

He discussed the type of investment where you are “statistically likely to make more money”.

Chris, who also recently discussed a new inheritance tax “get around” becoming more popular, detailed his tips for people who are looking to invest.

Chris told Express.co.uk: “In terms of investing in general, my thoughts would be that you don’t need to make it overly complicated because there’s so much information and there’s so much that you can do.

“Generally people get overwhelmed with all of the information and actually if you’ve just started out investing, you want to make it as simple as possible.

“You want to make it small and often.

“There’s no point if you earn £4,000 a month saying I’m going to invest £3,000 a month.

“Investment needs to be sustainable and also you need to build up over time.

“So start with £100 and build up to £200, £300, £400.

“Take incremental steps, rather than just putting lots in, taking it out, and getting yourself in a mess.

“You almost want to not feel it. The first step is the frequency and keeping it manageable.

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“Secondly is obviously what you invest in.

“And again, people talk about numbers on the stock market, buying Tesla stock, for example, buying low and selling high.”

However, this style of trading stocks for investment is more likely to see you lose money than other, more reliable forms.

Instead of trying to play the market, Chris advises investors to be prepared to put their money away for longer periods of time.

Chris went on: “The trick with investing generally, to earn good returns, is it’s about time in the market as opposed to timing.

“It’s very difficult to buy at the low point and then sell off at the high point, and buy back in at the low point, because what happens is it usually happens in reverse, you end up buying and selling.

“So you know, investing in a FTSE100 tracker or an S&P 500 tracker, and investing in there for a longer period of time, say over 10 years, you’re statistically likely to make more money than you are trying to jump in and jump out and trade.”

Chris also advised on investing in retirement. 

He claimed your approach to investing should change based on your time in life.

“A younger person I would be encouraging, if you’re investing your pension for example, invest more in equities now because you’ve got a long way until you get to retirement,” Chris said.

For older Britons, who are looking at retirement, investments should be more cautious and lower risk.

“Somebody who’s closer to 60 I would say invest in more cautious assets as they’re going to be less volatile.”

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