Woman’s money saving tip could save you £120 ‘without even trying’

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While this won’t come as a huge surprise given the fact that many peoples’ budgets are tighter, following savvy spenders’ money saving tips could help people get much more for less. There has never been a more important time to make sure people are making the most of every money saving tip in the book, as one thrifty bargain hunter shares her really easy way to save money this Christmas.

According to a recent study, the average spend per head during the Christmas period in 2022 is expected to vary between just below £1,000 in the North East to nearly £1,700 in London in the United Kingdom (UK).

But the good news is there is a new mobile app and browser extension could help people reduce the cost of their Christmas by seven percent this year.

The app, Basket, encourages consumers to shop smarter by automatically monitoring price changes on items across fashion, technology and gaming saved by users.

Basket user, 29-year-old Freya Van Hoorn said it’s such a good idea she can’t stop telling her friends all about her latest find.

Freya told Express.co.uk: “I downloaded Basket after hearing about it through a friend, the idea of having one place to put all of your shopping gels with me since my phone and laptop have always been jammed full of open tabs from things I want to buy!

“The fact you can just create different baskets in one place for any shopping need makes shopping so much easier.

“It makes birthdays and gift shopping a lot smoother as you can create baskets for each friend or family member as you go along and find things, then come back to them when the time is right!

“I’m also a very forgetful person so just knowing I’ve got everything saved straight from the web takes a lot of stress off when I’m in need of things.”

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The musician from Cornwall continued: “I’ve saved £120 so far. The price drop notifications are the bomb.

“It saves you time and money not having to browse the web for an age finding the best deal, you just stick it in your basket, chill out and it does it for you.

“I get constant price drops and it’s a good feeling knowing I’m saving money without even trying.

“This Christmas will be the cheapest and easiest one yet! I’ve shared it with my mates and they all love it for the same reason.”

The new money-saving app could collectively save British households more than two billion pounds this Christmas.

Basket works by allowing users to save products from any e-commerce site or shopping app into one place, then checks the price of everything saved in the basket multiple times a day and notifies users when prices change.

Similar to creating a playlist on Spotify or inspiration boards on Pinterest, Basket users curate personal baskets that actively help them make better buying decisions.

Whether that’s remembering an item until payday comes around, sourcing the perfect birthday gift months in advance, or waiting to benefit from price drops.

Lex Deak, Founder of Basket, told Express.co.uk: “Until now, consumers have had to make do with outdated ways of keeping track of items they might want to buy, things like screenshotting or sending links to themselves.

“With Basket, we’re proud to say that ends now.

“We’ll soon be launching public baskets too, which allow lists to be shared with friends, family and followers, ideal for Christmas.

“At Basket, we’re not in the business of telling people to buy more, but rather to buy better.”

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