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YOUR iPhone Lock Screen might seem impenetrable – but it has a few weaknesses you need to know about.

Millions of iPhone owners need to check (and potentially deny) 11 different features that can be accessed from the Lock Screen.

Most of the features are fairly safe to leave accessible from the Lock Screen.

But you may also want to disallow some of the settings.

For instance, someone with your locked iPhone could reply to a message, use Siri, or see the apps you've recently been using.

You'll need to go into Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

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Before you can enter that settings page, you'll be asked to tap out your passcode.

That's because the page includes very sensitive security settings – and needs to remain protected.

Once you're in, scroll down to the section with the header: Allow Access When Locked.

This is the list of features that can be used while your iPhone is locked:

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  • Today View and Search
  • Notification Centre
  • Control Centre
  • Lock Screen Widgets
  • Live Activities
  • Siri
  • Reply with Message
  • Home Control
  • Wallet
  • Return Missed Calls
  • Accessories

You can toggle them off at any time.

And if you change your mind, it's easy to allow them.

It's worth toggling a few off and seeing how much they impact your life.

Note that if you toggle Accessories off, you can still use accessories within an hour of the last unlocking.

If you toggle Accessories on, this time limit disappears and accessories can be used whenever.

It's easy to miss these Lock Screen settings, but they're very important to ensure your privacy.

Otherwise a nosy friend, family member or stranger could potentially use your iPhone for nefarious snooping.

And if you ever lost an iPhone (or had it stolen), these locks could prevent serious invasions of privacy.

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