Ants are ‘instantly’ deterred from homes with 18p item – they ‘hate the smell’

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Ants are social insects that live in colonies, so it’s unlikely people find just one in their home.

While they aren’t harmful or explicitly dangerous, and cannot cause any real damage to properties, they are a nuisance as they can quickly build up in numbers.

Black ants are the species households are most likely to find indoors. They are drawn to areas where they will find a food source.

They have a taste for sugary substances, so will quite happily forage for food in kitchens.

Instead of relying on chemical solutions to get rid of these pests, cleaning enthusiasts have shared natural alternatives. 

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These comments were suggested after one group member took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page anonymously to ask for “effective” methods to get rid of ants.

They said: “Hi, I have so many ants coming into my house and even climbing onto the worktops. I’ve sprayed vinegar and put down pepper but they are still coming in. Has anyone had this experience and got rid of them effectively?”

The post received over 200 suggestions from fellow group members with the majority of them suggesting natural deterrents.

To stop ants from entering homes, many suggested using talcum powder. Di Barry said: “I always use talcum powder on doorsteps and window sills, never get ants.”

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Jan Harazny wrote: “Talcum all around outside walls and doors. They won’t cross as it dehydrates them.”

Dianne Rudland said: “Baby talcum powder. We had the same last year and this instantly stopped the ants.”

While talcum powder was suggested to prevent ants from entering homes, to eliminate the ants already inside it was suggested to use orange peels or an entire orange.

Joanne Coleman instructed: “Leave the orange peel on the floor and next to the hole they’re getting into. They absolutely hate the smell and they will soon never return.”

Denise Maull wrote: “I had this before and I used orange peels and I put them all over my kitchen. I instantly noticed that there were no more ants after.”

Heather Webb said: “I leave an orange on the counter for weeks where they come in until it’s black almost. Keeps them away, then just replace them. They hate the scent.”

For those who don’t already have oranges to hand, they are cheap to pick up in local supermarkets. A pack of five oranges retail for 89p at Tesco, which works out to 18p per orange.

At Asda, they can be purchased for 95p for a pack of five. This works out as 19p per orange.

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