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EA SPORTS FC 24 is the new branding for the UK’s most popular gaming series, FIFA.

However, whatever you call EA’s popular football series you are always expecting the same consistency of play.

EA FC 24 doesn’t attempt to alienate the FIFA 23 playerbase, so while there has been a big overhaul in a number of ways, it’s still what fans want it to be.

Ultimate Team is what most people care about, and it’s mostly the same save the inclusion of women players for the first time.

The way you build a team still feels more fantasy than realism, but changes to the progression system could leave a bitter taste.

Credit Boosters have disappeared and the prices on the transfer market are sky high. 

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No matter how much you saved up during FIFA 23 you’ll start back at 0 coins, and will likely need more money in order to get your team started.

One of the other major differences is in advertising. There’s no way you’ll miss the egregious adverts for Amazon Prime, Pepsi, PlayStation and Uber Eats littering the pitch.

However, the evolution is a nice idea, allowing players to use lower quality cards, and put effort into them to make them viable.

It also makes each card more tactical and special to each player, and gives more differences to each team.

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Players can also add two roles to their main position which will change automatically when played, and puts less emphasis on consumables.

The men and women players work surprisingly well together, and you’ll find that you’ll be able to slot new players onto your favourite teams with ease.

You’ll learn about new powerful women players just by finding them in packs which adds a new spin to what has become a fairly predictable metagame.

The gameplay is certainly slower than before, as new animations take up more time for each player action.

This can lead to some frustration, and you’ll have to get used to the new controls to get back to the top of your game.

Another result of this slow down is a reliance on quick wingers, which will likely dominate.

The new PlayStyles don’t have as big an impact as attributes did previously.

However, goalkeepers are much more effective than before and can block low shots better than ever.

Career Mode hasn’t seen a huge overhaul, but there are more features available when it comes to management.

You now have one budget for all of your purchases, which makes each deal feel smoother and more impactful.

Players that are new to other clubs will also no longer automatically refuse your offers.

The pre-match reports also offer a number of interesting insights such as your opponent’s stats.

You might have noticed that we’ve only spoken about two modes in this review and that’s because there is very little to say about the others.

Despite starting a new series we’ve not seen any new or creative modes being added to the game.

Volta and Clubs are still there with few changes, though they both now have cross-play across the board, which is a huge win.

What impressed us most about EA FC 24 are the changes to the metagame which will give new players more of a chance at succeeding.


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However, with the steeper progression and push towards monetisation, it could turn all but the more hardcore fans away.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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