I’m fuming after jobsworth parking warden fined me £100 WHILE I changed my flat tyre | The Sun

AN ELECTRICIAN was slapped with a £100 parking ticket by a jobsworth warden – even though he was underneath his van which had broken down with a flat tyre.

Nick Ellcock, 39, said he had the car on jacks and was preparing to get to work on the spare tyre when the miserable official began taking photos and told him to leave. 

Dad of three Nick explained he had broken down and wasn’t actually parked but was given five minutes to get out.

So he had to instead drive half a mile with a nail wedged in his tyre to try and fix at his home in Margate, Kent, last Saturday. Three days later his boss was sent the £100 fine, reduced to £60 if paid within two weeks. 

Nick had run over the nail shortly after dropping his partner off at Morrisons so pulled over onto an old bit of nearby ground to assess the damage. 

He said: “There’s no common sense. The warden could see I was working on the van because it was broken.


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“Flat tyres are an occupational hazard for electricians because every time you open your door a nail or a screw falls out.

“I was clearly not trying to get in the way, but the warden couldn’t give me a break and let me fix my van and go.”

He joked: “Next time I’ll try and break down the correct designated bay”.

Nick eventually paid £25 for a mechanic at a garage to fix the puncture with a plug – which will secure the wheel for at least another few months.

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He claimed he had no choice but to stop over safety concerns.

CPM insisted it was right to issue the fine but cancelled it after being approached by The Sun.

It is believed that the parking warden issued the ticket as they believed Nick's car had not sustained a puncture.

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