Little-known parking rule could see you slapped with huge fine – it’s a law most drivers have broken | The Sun

DRIVERS have been warned over a little-known parking rule that most people have broken but could result in a huge fine.

The bad habit finds itself the subject of some complex and uncertain laws which could see motorists caught out.

Many are likely not aware that, in some areas of the country, it is illegal to park on the pavement.

London has long been the centre of the issue, with the practice banned across all 32 boroughs.

Parking up on any part of a public highway that is not the road itself is covered by the prohibition.

This includes central reservations, grass verges and crossings.



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In the capital, this is punished by a £35 fine, rising to £70 if not paid within 14 days.

There are some exemptions where councils erect signage allowing pavement parking or for loading and unloading when there is no alternative parking space unless there is a loading ban in place.

However, the ban is set to be expanded, with the Scottish government enacting new legislation allowing councils to enforce it from next month.

This has already been adopted by the Highlands Council, while the City of Edinburgh Council plans to begin enforcement in the New Year.

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Other councils including Scottish Borders and South Lanarkshire are reported to be considering a similar move.

The penalties will be harsher too, with an initial £50 fine rising to £100 after 14 days and then £150 after 28 days.

Elsewhere in the UK, the rules are a little less clear as pavement parking is not explicitly illegal.

Nonetheless, under the Highway Code, you can still be slapped with a fine if you obstruct the road or footpath.

Driving along the pavement, whether or not you plan to park, is also illegal.

And there are restrictions on parking on drop kerbs, private roads and access routes.

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